I wanted to put this together in case we start getting a lot bigger. I don't want to get to involved in the ranking and rules that we need a lawyer to decipher the meaning. I'm not concerned about returning members, but if we get any new recruits, this will be useful for them.

Here is a list of the rankings we will have in the guild.

  • Leader
  • Officer
  • Junior Officer - I will rename them to Management. They will be the raider leaders, loot masters, target controllers, main tanks, lead healer, and any other such role that I think needs to be distinguished.
  • Senior Member - To be renamed Guardian. These are veteran members that have been in the guild for over 90 days. This counts from the time you register on the forums. If you are a returning member from either a SH or TA (during my timeframe) guild, then you are considered a member of this rank.
  • Member - You have been a member of the guild for over 30 days.
  • Recruit - Non-returning members.
  • Surrogate - Alternate characters will be placed here.
  • Other people we like
  • People we don't like
  • Everyone else
  • Everything else
  • Delvar

Hopefully everyone and everything knows where they stand in the rankings.