Please only post questions regarding one of my vBulletin Mods in this forum. All other posts will be deleted.

My current mods are:

  • ShowRoster Mod v4.1.0 (full version @
  • Sarcoth's Roster Mod v1.0.0 (lite version @
  • Sarcoth's Roster Mod v1.3.1 (plus version @

If you purchase one of my mods, you may request one addition or update for free.

After that, If you would like to request a modifications to any of my mod's, my starting price is $50 for three hours of work, then $25 for each additional hour. I am also willing to build new mod's (pricing will be determined after we discuss what you want the mod to do). If I make you something, I will offer the option to have the product posted here for selling. If you go that route and others buy it, you will get to earn back some of the money you put into the making of it.

When I am 50% done with your request, I will show you what I have completed. If you like it, I will expect half payment to continue work. Once I have completed the project, I will show you the completed project. You will receive the code once I receive full payment. If the project is very large, I will instead split it into four milestones (25%) instead of two.

PM me if you have a new mod request. Create a thread in this forum if you have a modification request to one of the above mods.

Thank you.