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Thread: Ark: Survival Evolved, New Server planned for Redwood Biome

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    Cool Ark: Survival Evolved, New Server planned for Redwood Biome

    Hey all! coming on June 22nd is a major update for Ark: Survival Evolved. One of the major changes in this update will be the addition of a "Redwood" biome. See video here:

    This update will introduce Tree House building!!! Woo Woo!!! Since this update is for the vanilla map "The Island" we decided to start a new (2nd) server especially for this. Mainly Sarcoth wants to build tree houses. We will be running a more Vanilla server setup, than our current Extremely modded server.

    I encourage anyone who has not yet experienced ARK, to give it a shot. It's currently $30 on Steam, often goes on sale for $20.

    For the unfamilar the game is a "survival" game but it really is in its own category of survival games. Each server can have up to 120 concurrent users. The jist of the game is you wake up, mostly naked, on an island. This island has dinosaurs roaming around and you need to survive!

    Your typical day is Eat, get eaten by a dino, Craft, get eaten by a dino, Poop, get eaten by a dino, Tame Dinosaurs, start eating all those dinos that Wronged You!!! Get eaten by a bigger dino, rage quit when u lose Sally the Trike to a Hungary Rex. Come back 2 hours later tame a new, bigger dinosaur and go find that rex and make it your B#@!H.

    In all honesty the experience of base building is amazing. The things that you can create are unbelievable. The mods for this game also make it one the most amazing experiences as well. Several mods have effectively been absorbed by SW and the mod creators hired. The mods have become part of the game or in the case of a new map recently added, Free DLC.

    The closest thing I can describe ARK to is Minecraft but only in the creation/building aspect. There is hundreds of hours of exploring. They also have boss Arena's which are like a raid boss type fight where you go and fight giant boss creatures. Currently a Spider Queen, A Giant Ape, and a Dragon arena exist.

    The game is strangely addicting, its the only survival game i have played for more than 5 minutes. i have over 1200 hours. I started playing last August, played until Feb. Left for few months and came back last month. The game has the most ambitious content updating of any game. All of the staff at Studio Wildcard are extremely communicative. Hands down no game developer or publisher I have every dealt with is as responsive and communicative as SW. They often reply to tweets on twitter, forums are very active by players and staff. There isn't a specific community management team that responds but the actual developers will post, reply on the forums.

    For those who already have ARK, come join us!!!

    We will be running a PVE server, initially i plan to keep our server closed to all but SH and Friends. If you have questions about ARK or want to join us, feel free to post here! Server details will be posted in Veteran Forums.

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    Let me know when the server gets up and running, I'd like to continue over with you guys from the modded server.

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    Hey Ryder, sounds good. BTW, everyone that registers on these forums will get an invite to the Sacred Haven clan.

    Looks like we are going to start the server tonight with the recent news about the main mod on the old server.
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    New Server startup tonight 7pm.

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