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Thread: Ark Survival Evolved: The Future of Annunaki Genesis

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    Unhappy Ark Survival Evolved: The Future of Annunaki Genesis

    As those who play on this server with us, you are familiar with this mod. There has been some fairly major news from the Mod team.

    Due to changes made in ARK, several things have become broken within the mod. Spawn rates, items, etc. They have not been able to fix all of these issues and it appears will not be able to.

    They are going to be making a new mod just called Annunaki that will be a separate mod. They claim they will still do some updates on Genesis but no new content and some bugs cannot be fixed. The problems are so severe that the only fix is a complete wipe, which they dont want to do. They did post a mod announcement about this but otherwise didn't make any real communication about this and I only found out about today after going to the mod forums daily. This is partially due to how steam forums with mods work, which is crap. Also, they have a separate site which has been completely wiped zero posts or anything on it anymore. No communication in 15 days and counting.

    It is likely that the 243 update will cause more problems and possibly break the mod completely. Based on that, I am sad to say that the Server will be shutdown on June 22nd or after 243 goes live if Annunaki isn't updated.

    All is not lost as previously mentioned we have already planned a more vanilla server for the upcoming Redwood. My plan is/was to run both servers.

    If the mod still does function after the 243 update I will keep the Annunaki Genesis server up. However, I want to prepare you for the worst which based on zero updates for nearly 3 weeks from Annunaki it may no longer function after that time.

    You can view the Annunaki Genesis announcement here.

    Sad Panda,


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