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Thread: How to add additional usergroup's ranks to this roster?

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    How to add additional usergroup's ranks to this roster?

    Hi there, I'm having trouble trying to figure out how to add usergroup ranks to the roster.

    The forum has a usergroup called Captain, and a user rank called Captain which has the rank image. (Post count set to 0, stacking is off etc) They are combined so if I set a user's secondary usergroup to Captain it will display it.

    Anyway, how can I add the additional usergroups to the roster? Right now its only displaying the default roster layout (minus profile picture field)


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    Hey Atlantis, I got back from GenCon late last night. Sorry for the late reply.

    So, your forum has a usergroup rank and a ranking both called Captain. Do you only have one usergroup on your roster so far? It sounds like this is for the basic setup right?

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