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    Ashley's Review

    The Following Book Series are ones I have read in their entirety or up to current published works.

    Terry Goodkind's Sworth of Truth Series over 15 Published books in the series. first 3 books box set.
    One of my favorite fantasy series ever. The story is really good and well told. There are 12 main books in the series, which "concludes" at 12. A few more books were written after, I think because he didn't have anything else to write about and decided to try to milk the cow some more. I firmly stand behind the first 12 as really good, the ones he wrote after which include the same main characters are only soso. There are also a few scattered prequel books

    This is an adult fantasy series, by adult i mean there are some instances of graphic violence so not recommended for under 18.

    Laurell K. Hamilton's Anita Blake Series, 24 Serial Books (Mature Adult Vampire Paranormal series) This series is probobaly more catered for women. i'm sure some men like it too.

    How to describe this series. It's a little bit of a Anne Rice, is the closest I think i can describe it. What I have really enjoyed (my favorite books series ever), is that while it is paranormal with Vampires, Werewolves, Zombies etc. It's not a "secret world" The premise is that its an alternate history type where its "our" world but all these creatures exist and everybody knows about it. One of the opening lines is "Vampires won a US Supreme Court Case to be considered Alive". The entire series every single book is written 100% from the view of Anita Blake her 1st person account. You only know as much as she does. It is refreshing and very enjoyable. There are no 10 story-lines your trying to keep track of its just her.

    Richelle Mead series called the Georgina Kincaid series, is more of an adult series, title of the first book is Succubus Blues. Involves a depressed succubus as main character, six books in this series as well. I enjoyed this series a lot, its quirky and very funny at times.
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    I hated to read until I picked up Interview with a Vampire by Anne Rice. I've been addicted ever since. Now it's just audio books, but I have always listening to something new.

    I'm a fan of the Sword of Truth series. Great stuff there.

    I'm not sure the Anita Blake series is for me, but I recommend the Dresden series if you like supernatural books.

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