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Thread: Subscriber Not Appearing

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    Subscriber Not Appearing

    Subscriber Not Appearing

    Your YouTube account name must appear on my list of subscribers if you want to participate in any of my giveaways. I will only allow you to participate if I can verify you are subscriber and you have a valid YouTube account in good standing.

    Here is how to make your account appear on my subscriber listing:
    1. Go to your YouTube Account, Privacy Settings:
    2. Uncheck the box for "Keep all my subscriptions private". Click the "Save" button.
    3. Give it 24 hours and hopefully you will appear on my Subscriber list.
    4. If that does not work, unsubscribe to my YouTube channel ( and re-subscribe.
    5. Wait another 24 hours and should definitely be on the list. If not, we will have to contact YouTube support.

    IMPORTANT NOTE: If you unsubscribe or change your settings back to private any time before a Grand Prize Giveaway is conducted, any current entries you have towards the Grand Prize Giveaway will null and voided. You cannot get these back once they are removed! You will be allowed to earn new entries as long as you are a subscriber, but if your account is switched to private or you unsubscribe a second time, you will not be permitted to enter any future giveaways held on my channel.
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