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Thread: Sarcoth Haven Giveaway Format (June)

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    Sarcoth Haven Giveaway Format (June)

    GIVEAWAYS will normally be hosted on my channel during a Steam Key Giveaway, Grand Prize Giveaway, Bonus Giveaway, or for a Special Giveaway Promotion. The prizes from each will more than likely be Steam game keys.

    The following is an updated format on how GIVEAWAYS will be done on my YouTube channel.
    1. During my YouTube livestream video, there will be an active timer ticking down if there is a Giveaway.
    2. When that timer reaches 0 seconds or when the livestream reaches a certain number of Likes (currently 10 likes), then a link to another video will be post in chat by either me or one of the channel mods.
    3. Click on the link and comment on the video. A LIKE is appreciated, but not required to be a contestant. You have ten (10) minutes to post your comment(s).
    4. During a Grand Prize Giveaway, there will be additional Giveaway's every time the countdown reaches 0 seconds. At those times, another link to different video will be posted. Repeat Step 3.
    5. At the end of the livestream, I will conduct a Giveaway for each link that was posted during the stream.
    6. Winners will need to send me a friend request on Steam and I will send them the Steam key they won (usually!) within 24 hours.

    This new format is being used to prevent less interruption during gameplay.
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