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Thread: Sarcoth Haven Giveaway #3 - Official Rules (JULY)

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    Sarcoth Haven Giveaway #3 - Official Rules (JULY)

    100 Steam Key Giveaway #3
    Official Giveaway Rules

    Over the month of July, I will conduct random giveaways during my YouTube livestream's. A random game and entry towards the Grand Prize Giveaway can be won after the first 10 likes and then every hour after that.

    Section 1: Who can enter?
    1) You must be subscribed to my YouTube channel, sarcothhaven, and your YouTube account must have the “Keep all my subscriptions private” unchecked in the Privacy area. Private accounts do not show up as a subscriber to me. If I cannot find you on my subscriber list, you will not be entered in that giveaway. To fix your subscriber status, see this post:
    2) You must have a valid Steam and YouTube account in good standing.
    3) Newly created (last 24 hours) Steam or YouTube accounts will not be accepted.
    4) By entering, you agree to allow me to use your YouTube name in one or more of my videos when I announce the winner. Anything typed into the livestream chat may also appear.

    Section 2: How to enter?
    1) One of my Sarcoth Haven YouTube channel mods or I will post a link in Livestream chat.
    2) Click on the linked video.
    3) Add a comment about the video. A like is also appreciated!
    4) You are now entered to win one of the random Steam keys.

    Section 3: How will the entry prize winner(s) be chosen?
    1) All Giveaway's will be done at the end of the livestream. You do not have to be present to win.
    2) I will randomly select one winner from those with valid entries.
    3) I will randomly select one prize from the current list of prizes.
    4) If the wheel lands on the Mystery Key, you will win a game from a special list of unknown prizes. A Mystery Key is either a game of higher price value or has a high player rating.

    Section 4: What do I win?
    1) One (1) randomly selected Steam game key and one (1) entry into a grand prize drawing (see below).
    2) contains a list of potential prizes.
    3) The random game list will begin with 11 games from Group 1.
    4) When the random game list is depleted, the next group of games will be added to the list.

    Section 5: How do I claim my prize?
    1) If you win, you will need to add me as a friend via Steam ( within 48 hours. Failure to friend me within that time frame means you forfeit your prize and it gets readded to the list of available prizes.
    2) Each game will be messaged to you as a key via Steam messaging or gifted to your Steam account.
    3) An entry into the grand prize giveaway that will be conducted on the first Saturday in the following month.
    4) There are no other prize options. You may not request a cash prize instead. The above prizes are it.

    Grand Prize Giveaway #3
    Official Giveaway Rules

    Section 6: When will the Grand Prize Giveaway winner be selected?
    1) Grand Prize Giveaway #3 will be conducted on August 1 at 9pm CST.

    Section 7: How will the Grand Prize Giveaway winner be chosen?
    1) I will randomly select one winner from those that have won an entry into the Grand Prize Giveaway during my livestreams.

    Section 8: What is the grand prize?
    1) One or more Steam keys messaged to you via Steam.
    2) The number of Steam keys increases depending on the number of LIKES my videos receive during the month of July.
    3) There are no other prize options. You may not request a cash prize instead. The above prizes are it.

    Q1) How many entry prizes are there?
    Answer: There are currently 100 entry prizes and 14 potential Mystery Key's.

    Q2) How often will there be an entry prize giveaway?
    Answer: Once the current livestream hits 10 likes, an video link will be posted in chat and a new one will then be posted every hour.

    Q3) How often can I enter?
    Answer: You may enter as often as you like, but you may only win one entry prize giveaway per day.

    Q4) What if I win a key to a game I don't want?
    Answer: Once you win a key, it is yours to do as you like.

    Q5) What if I win a key that doesn't work or I already have it?
    Answer: I purchased all the keys myself and the only people that will know them are you and me. If it doesn't work, you will need to contact Steam yourself. If you already have the game, then you can give it to someone else if you like. These are free gifts and I will not have the time to get involved in issues with keys.

    Q6) Is there a way to earn more entries?
    Answer: If you are a member of my Support Program, then some ranks gain two to seven times more entries each time they enter one of my giveaways.

    This Giveaway will be conducted in a way that does NOT conflict with YouTube's Privacy Policy, Terms of Service, or Community Guidelines. For more information, see the YouTube’s contest policies and guidelines.

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    Major Changes

    1) Rather than continuing the contest until all 100 Key's are given out, this contest will conclude on July 30. If we don't quite reach 100 entries, that is okay, the current number of entries will be used. On the flip side, if we have a lot of entries, the contest will go as high as 110 entries.

    2) In the past, I've added more games to the Grand Prize Giveaway prize list based on the number of unique entries in the current contest. I'm switching things up for the month of July and most likely for all future months. Going forward, the number of prizes in the Grand Prize Giveaway is based off the number of LIKES I receive on my channel during the month of the contest.

    Items in Grand Prize:
    July Video Likes!
    Alien Isolation Collection ($49.99) 1
    To Be Announced 100
    To Be Announced 250
    To Be Announced 500
    To Be Announced 1000
    To Be Announced 2500
    To Be Announced 5000
    To Be Announced 10000

    See the game list spreadsheet (Unique tab) for updates to the list:
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