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Thread: Sarcoth Haven's 1000 Subscriber Steam Key Giveaway

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    Sarcoth Haven's 1000 Subscriber Steam Key Giveaway

    1000 Subscriber Steam Key Giveaway
    Official Giveaway Rules

    After I finally hit 1000 Subscribers, I'm going to randomly select three (3) winners for a Grand Prize Giveaway. You do not need to be in attendance during the Giveaway to win.

    Section 1: Who can enter?
    1) You must be subscribed to my YouTube channel, sarcothhaven, and your YouTube account must have the “Keep all my subscriptions private” unchecked in the Privacy area. Private accounts do not show up as a subscriber to me. If I cannot find you on my subscriber list, you will not be entered in that giveaway. To fix your subscriber status, see this post:
    2) You must have a valid Steam and YouTube account in good standing.
    3) Newly created (last 24 hours) Steam or YouTube accounts will not be accepted.
    4) By entering, you agree to allow me to use your YouTube name in one or more of my videos when I announce the winner. Anything typed into the livestream chat may also appear.

    Section 2: How to enter?
    1) You must be one of my first 1000-1010 subscribers. I am allowing up to 10 additional subscribers in case I lose track of who subscribed, but I will try to get as close to the first 1000 as possible.
    2) You must comment on the 1000 subscriber video:, and a like is also appreciated!
    3) The comment must contain 5 or more words and will be ignored if it does not specifically talk about the video your are commenting on!
    4) I may also include up to one additional way to earn an entry per livestream. These chances will happen after every 10 new subscribers (910, 920, 930, etc. up to 1000).

    Section 3: When will the entry prize winners be chosen?
    1) The Giveaway will be performed three (3) days after I have surpassed 1000 subscribers or more for three (3) days.
    2) If the subscriber count goes under 1000, then the wait time will start over again.

    Section 4: How will the entry prize winners be chosen?
    1) I will randomly select three winners from those with valid entries. See Section 2.
    2) The first winner will get first choice of their prize.
    3) The second winner will get second choice of their prize.
    4) The third winner will get the remaining prize.

    Section 4: What are the prizes?
    1) There will be three groups of prizes.
    2) For every video on my channel (there are over 900 of them) that receives 50 Likes, I will add one prize randomly to one of the three prize groups. I plan to do this during the next livestream after reaching 50 Likes on a video.
    3) To start, there are currently three videos on my channel that have gained 50 or more Likes. Thus, each prize group will start with one prize. TBA
    4) If a physical item is listed as a prize, you must pay for shipping and handling. You will have 10 days to send payment else the physical prize will be forfeited.
    5) There are no other prize options. You may not request a cash prize instead. The above prizes are it.

    Section 5: How do I claim my prize?
    1) If you win, you will need to add me as a friend via Steam ( within three days (or 72 hours). Failure to friend me within that time frame means you forfeit your prize.

    This Giveaway will be conducted in a way that does NOT conflict with YouTube's Privacy Policy, Terms of Service, or Community Guidelines. For more information, see the YouTube’s contest policies and guidelines.
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