Version 1.1.0 is now available on vBulletin version 4.x.x.

The following is a full list of settings and options:

LITE Version Features:
  1. Roster title can be changed. This appears in the webpage tab, top of the roster, and in the navbits.
  2. Viewing permissions. These are the usergroups that can view the roster page.
  3. Roster groups. The list of usergroups that appear on the roster.
  4. Group titles. The names of each usergroup that appears on the roster.
  5. View option. You can view the roster as split into groups or all one table.
  6. Column names. The head title for each column.
  7. Column fields. The names of each field you want to use for each column.
  8. Column widths. Control the width of each column.
  9. Sorting. The default sort is by username. Change this to no to use your own sort field.
  10. Sorting field. This is where you enter the field you want to sort by.
  11. Sorting direction. Adjust this to change the default direction of your sorting field.
  12. Member count. Decide on whether to show your member count at the top of the page or not.

PLUS Version Features:
  1. All features found in the Lite Version.
  2. Two groups of settings (General Settings and Sorting & Pagination Settings)
  3. Admin Groups. The list of usergroups that can view the debug information.
  4. Roster Debugging. Change this to yes to turn off the roster and allow you to view the query without getting a database error. The query can then be posted in the subscriber forum for help.
  5. Title Banner: Instead of displaying a title, you can use an image for your title.
  6. Group Banners: Instead of displaying the name of the group, you can use an image for each group name.
  7. Position #: You can display a ranking number for each member of your roster in the order they are initially sorted.
  8. Count Member Once: If you have members located in different groups and you only want them counted once for the entire roster, then change this to Yes.
  9. Multiple Rosters. Allows you to set the page name for additional rosters. At the moment, I have added only 5 additional custom rosters. This can be manually added to if needed. I will give a walk through on how in the subscriber forum.
  10. Sorting Format which replaces Splitgroup. Options are:
    • Multi-Groups: This is the default. Sort by Groups, then by a secondary field (default = username). It is displayed by showing a table for each group.
    • Multi-Groups: Same as above option, but each group can be collapsed/expanded as desired.
    • Single Table 1: This also sorts by Groups, then by a secondary field (default = username) but is displayed in a single table.
    • Single Table 2: Single Table View with Primary Sort (default = username). The RANK field does not work with this sorting format.

  11. Advanced Sorting: Allow each column to be sorted by the user after the page is loaded without having to load the page again. Cuts down on queries.
  12. Column Sorting Types: This controls how each column is sorted when the auto-sorting is turned on.
  13. Column Highlighting: Columns selected will be highlighted in a different color.
  14. Pagination: Not all rows will be displayed at once. Instead, they will put a certain number of users per page.
  15. Entries per page: This is a control to display the numbers of rows to display per page. The first number is the starting number of rows when the page is initially loaded.
  16. Pagination Buttons: The type of pagination navigation menu. Either Two Buttons or Full Numbers.
  17. Pagination Location: Control where the pagination menu appears.
  18. Filtering: Add a search field that allows you to filter which rows are displayed.
  19. Support for Multi-Selection Menu.
  20. Ability to highlight a primary and secondary from the Multi-Selection items.
  21. Display the title or image of the user's rank.
  22. Power to hide certain fields from some user's.
  23. The ability to adjust the color for the Last Visit column.
  24. The ability to include the post count of your users.

Column Fields:
  1. Joined Date: Display the date your members joined your forum.
  2. Last Active: Display the date your members last visited your forum.
  3. ProfilePic: Display your member's profile pictures.
  4. Avatar: Display your member's avatars.
  5. User title: Display your member's user titles.
  6. Position: Used to rank your members in the order they were initially sorted.
  7. Rank: This is the wording you enter via the Group Title's setting.
  8. Username: You can display each user's username via unformatted text or as it is displayed in the user's profile area. The latter also provides a link to each user's profile area.
  9. USERRANK: This field allows you to get the user's title or image from the User Ranks area.
  10. mfield##: By placing an 'm' in front of the field you want to show on the roster, it now reads it as a multi-selection field. All items the user selects from that multi-selection profile field will be displayed on the roster.