I'm only 41 subscribers away from hitting 1,000 Subscribers. This is a huge milestone for my YouTube channel and I would like to thank everyone that has subscribed to my channel, liked my videos, and supported me over the years. From what I have witnessed from other channels, after you hit 1000 subscribers, your channel blooms. My guess is that YouTube adds you to a new list. I'm not sure I'll grow as quickly as some other channels, but I'm sure a larger crowd will start watching my videos and livestreams. Exciting times are coming.

Anyhow, if you aren't a subscriber yet and you are willing to support me by clicking that button, please do so now.


After I hit 1000 Subs, I will create and post a list of my first 1,000 Subscribers here on the SH forums.

Thank you all!!!

NOTE: If your YT profile is set to private, your name will not appear on my Subscriber list. Not because I want to exclude you, but because I cannot see your name. To fix this: http://sacredhaven.org/vb4/forums/sh...-Not-Appearing