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The Great Survivalist #3
Date: 10/7/2017
Time: 8pm CST (about 4 hours long)

This is a 7 Days To Die Survival of the Fittest event. It will be hosted 1-2 times a month where we gather as many players as we can, max 24. Server settings will be adjusted to provide a greater challenge. Server will be PvE to encourage working together as a large group or multiple small groups.

Discord Server:

1) If you DIE, you are out of the event. Log out and better luck next time. Those streaming may stay in the game to watch the others, but they may not participate in any way.
2) We start together as a group, but you are free to do whatever you want.
3) You may go anywhere, but you must be on ground level for horde night.
4) You may use anything you find or craft (crafting recipes are very limited).
5) When horde night starts, survive till morning.

Game Start Day: 22
Those that survive through Day 28 and until 6 AM on Day 29 will be deemed victorious and declared The Great Survivalist!

Changes since last TGS event:

  • To encourage more survival to the 7th day (Day 28), wolves have been removed and difficulty has been changes from 6 to 5. The goal is to only lose half of the starting group.
  • To encourage more death, our 7th day now occurs on Day 28. This should make horde night more difficult.
  • To help create more of a challenge on Horde night, the killall command will be used prior to 10pm on Day 28 to remove all current zombies in the game. This should spawn a larger horde to attack the current survivors.

Server Settings: (may change)
ZombiesRun: Night Only
GameDifficulty: 4 (This translate to difficulty 5)
DayNightLength: 30 minutes per day
DayLightLength: 16 hours in game time
PlayerKillingMode: 0 - No Killing
DropOnDeath: Everything
DropOnQuit: Everything
BloodMoonEnemyCount: 64
EnemyDifficulty: Normal
AirDropFrequency: 36
AirDropMarker: true
MaxSpawnedZombies: 80

Changes to XML files:
  • Biome and max land block height adjusted [rwgmixer]
  • Starting items and experience have been adjusted [entityclasses]
  • Starting quests have been adjusted (building blocks quest removed) [quests]
  • Most recipes have been removed, you cannot craft building blocks [recipes]
  • Traders no longer sell minibike components or books [traders]
  • Loot containers no longer contain minibike components or books [loot]
  • I'm hoping to get experience gain increased, this should increase the difficulty of zombies on horde night [entityclasses]
  • Gamestage has been adjusted and should make the zombies on horde night much more difficult [gamestages]
  • Explosive items have been removed: rocket launchers, dynamite, tnt, etc.
  • Block durability down to 80%.
  • Wolves, bears, and dire wolves should no longer spawn.