I read a lot. A lot a lot, but part of that is because I'm paid to, to some extent. Besides shamelessly self promoting my own books (coming soon to a forum near you), these are a few I've read recently which pass the noobsauceometer:

Iaian M Banks Culture series. There's ten of these. I'm highly suspicious of series, but these are pretty great. Banks died a few years back, but he had a genius for this kind of storytelling. Some of the best, most involving scifi out there. Also available on audio books.

The first fifteen lives of harry august. http://www.amazon.com/First-Fifteen-.../dp/0316399620 Surprisingly well written. Interesting plot and at least one engaging character.

The years best science fiction, gardner dozois editor. Best scifi series ever. If I were a scifi writer (which someday I hope to be) this would be my penultimate goal in life.

The time travelers wife, Audrey Niffenegger. Again, surprisingly good, considering the weird plot.

I also read a lot of poetry, and though I am suspect of the level of interest in poetry on these forums, I will happily make recs on poets as well.