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Thread: Inter-Ark Transfer *IMPORTANT*

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    Exclamation Inter-Ark Transfer *IMPORTANT*

    Before explaining this setup, THIS IS A VERY VERY NEW Feature. There are bugs and bad things could happen. You use this feature AT YOUR OWN RISK. I WILL NOT be "fixing" things if for some reason your dinos or character or items disappear during the transfer process.

    That said I have tested it as much as I am able, transferring dinos and characters back and forth dozens of times and had outside people test it as well. Below is what I have found so far.

    As announced I will be setting up Inter ARK transfers within the Kara's Ark Cluster.
    What this means is this.

    You will be able to freely move between Kara's Scorched, Karas Island and Karas Center Servers.
    You will be able to take items in your inventory freely.
    You will be able to take dinosaurs to and from all Servers in the Kara's Cluster.

    The process to move between servers is fairly simple but there are some conditions and limitations.

    If you are ONLY moving your character and their inventory you can freely do so at ANY beacon or Obelisk.
    Click the Button Circled in the picture below, you will see a list of available servers.

    Server List (will be more when Live)

    In order to transfer dinosaurs the process is a bit more complicated and MUST be followed exactly.
    Go to any Obelisk (those giant spires, Red, Green, and Blue.

    You must Transmit Ark Data and UPLOAD Creatures Data (REMOVE EVERYTHING from your dino including saddles, they can be xfer'ed in your personal inventory)

    To Download your Dinos on the Next Server repeat process but click download creature data. (YOU MUST Download your Dinos within 24hr or LOSE THEM.)

    Chose your dino(s)


    Q. Will my Dinosaur's inventory transfer too?

    A. No. You must manually carry all items in your own personal bag.

    Q. Do Tribes Transfer?

    A. Tribes Do not xfer initially. But after you create one it is remembered for future xfers on each server. Dinosaurs transferred are personally owned by whomever uploads/downloads them regardless of previous tribe permissions.

    Q. What happens if I crash during the Transfer Process?

    A. Your character will be stored in the Transfer Network. You may get a create character option however you can click Download Survivor.

    Q. What if i have characters on multiple servers and transfer to one that has a survivor?

    A. VERY VERY IMPORTANT. You can ONLY have ONE survivor per server, IF you attempt to transfer to a server you previously created a survivor on you will Be prompted that a Character already exists!! WARNING, If you chose to overwrite your character it is GONE FOREVER. If you chose to NOT overwrite it, YOUR Incoming Character is GONE FOREVER. Once you start the transfer there is no stopping you MUST chose one or the other.

    I will NOT fix lost characters.

    Server names/IP's.
    Karas Scorched Ark PvE x17/x20 (Karas Cluster)
    Karas Center x17/x20 PvE(Karas Cluster)
    Karas Island x17/x20 PvP, ORP (Karas Cluster)
    (PVP on this Server Only)
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    If you have any further questions please feel free to make account here and ask away.

    Also what do people think about making the Island Server PvP?

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    The Island Server WILL be a PvP Server with Offline Raid Protection. Otherwise the same rates/settings as other servers.

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    Known issues:

    1) You MAY lose some engrams, for instance the Torch engram has disappeared from some people's list permanently.
    2) you may get a client UE4 Crash and your character will be stored in the Inter-ARK network. If you get a prompt to create a char FIRST check if you can download one, theres a button for Download character on the bottom right.

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