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    Zarthas Intro

    Pledged to Pantheon and saw this guild posted within the forums. Reflects a mature, experienced attitude, without being over bearing in demands but confidence in presentation and play style.

    Age - 33
    Location: Los Angeles
    Occupation: Bizz Dev

    Experience: EQ1 Launch ->Mid Kunark (Played from 8th Grade to Sophmore, got out because my cleric sold on Ebay for 2k, which was tons of money for me at that age and helped me get a car, (An entire guild bought my cleric that was decked in Hate with complete back-up set of Hate in case of bad Fear cracks. A single group of us would like to crack Fear on weekdays for lulz. OG manastone, journey boots, and Inny's Hammer - It was sad, but worth) Bristlebane - in end game guild Ring of Valor.
    EQ1 -> Would play friend's accounts casually (Shaman/Wiz) (Mostly in Scars -> Planes of Power)
    EQ2 - Launch -> Not enough end game content
    WoW - Many years, hardcore, not hardcore, etc. etc

    Class Preference: Cleric / Healer
    Race Preference: High Elf (RIP), Pantheon is so limited for cleric, may just roll a die.

    Likely Playtime:
    M-Th: 7PM - Midnight
    Fri: 7PM-2:00AM (Unless RL Event)
    Sat: 9:00AM-2:00AM (Unless RL Event)
    Sunday: 9:00AM-Midnight
    Weekday start time can be as early as 5:00PM, but depends on my gym rotation, which I can alter as needed.

    Enjoy going to the gym, craft beer, great people, and trance music.

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