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Thread: when is alpha

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    when is alpha

    when will alpha start

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    No one outside of the developers has any idea of when alpha will start. In the FAQ VR has said:

    8.1 What is the ETA for external testing?

    The goal is that soon this year (2017) the very first group of players (pre-alpha pledgers only-- not alpha pledgers) will begin to be invited to help test. The game must be ready and have enough content. Then in Alpha we plan on having the entire continent of Kingsreach ready for testing. We don’t like to be evasive, but the timing must be right so our players can give us meaningful feedback, bug reports, etc. These earlier phases are traditional tests, rather than something along the lines of ‘early access’.
    We are working hard and prepping to bring in pre-alpha pledgers, and then alpha pledgers after that. The game must be ready, but we are heading strongly in that direction.
    They barely just made the goal of having pre-alpha start in 2017.

    8.2.1 How long will you test Pantheon (alpha/beta) before launch?

    Ideally, we want to be in testing for a full year -- this approach helped launch past games in a solid, balanced way, and we want this for Pantheon as well.
    So when Kingsreach is ready they will start alpha. Hopefully sometime in the 2nd quarter but could be delayed until the third quarter of 2018 depending on the progress.

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