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Thread: Conan?

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    Did anyone here play Age of Conan years ago?

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    As a matter of fact Sacred Haven had an active guild there. Age of Conan had one of my all time favorite classes, the HOX (Herald of Xoti), similar to the Harbinger in Rift. It also had one my favorite Sacred Haven memories.

    One of our first attempts to complete a raid zone in AoC. We had cleared the zone and were all setup for the final fight against a huge red dragon. We were just waiting on Delvar who was arriving late. Successful completion of raid zone also completed a quest with a real nice reward so we always made sure everyone had the quest before pulling. When Delvar got there we asked if he had picked up the quest. When he said he had, someone ( I don’t remember who), told Delvar “No, the one from the Dragon. You have to speak to the Dragon before the fight begins to update the quest.” (he lied)

    Delvar took off running and suddenly raid chat was filled with people screaming “WAIT!!” . . . . Too late, the Dragon aggro’d and instantly wiped the entire raid. Everyone died, mostly from laughing but somewhere in the background could be heard those fateful words “At least I’m not chicken.”

    And on the plus side we got a pretty good idea what the Dragon’s agro range was.

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