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Thread: Does anyone know if there is a Sacred Haven guild in Guild Wars 2

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    Does anyone know if there is a Sacred Haven guild in Guild Wars 2

    I've been playing GW2 allot lately and would like to start the old Sacred Haven guild going in it

    One problem is I'm not a member of it and don't know if it exists.
    So I'd appreciate it if anyone who has ownership of it would be willing to open it back up for business and give me control of it.

    That assumes it still exists. I'll wait a week or so and if nobody knows about it I'll just start a new one.



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    Well I verified that it exists. That said, not being a member of the guild makes it unlikely that I can get control of the guild. If someone who is in it could give me a bit of assistance, I with their assistance we should be able to bring it back online and take control of it again.
    Essentially if a member of the guild submits a ticket requesting to take it over as the leadership is gone for more than a certain amount of time then they should be able to do that.
    Anyway, hope someone who was in it is still around and reading these forums once in a while.


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    Let's see there was me (Nightreaver) Maus, Rraven, Kilyra, Delvar, Mac, Biz and I'm sure others that I can't think of at the moment.

    Been awhile, will have to try and login and see if it still exists
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    Delvar gave me access to the game. If you're interested in playing more together, let me know. It's pretty nice and not overly serious as games go.
    It appears there are a couple others that play every so often, so I'm hoping to get enough of us together to advance the guild level a bit and get a guild hall.
    It'll give me yet another fun thing to do in the game.

    Nightreaver, I sent you a message in the game too before seeing this post too.

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