Guild Proclaimation

Sacred Haven is one of the older online guilds on the internet today and has played in various MMORPG's going back as far as June of 1996. The guild has had chapters in the following games: Meridian 59, The Realm, Ultima Online, EverQuest, EverQuest II, Vanguard, Rift, Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, and Elder Scrolls Online. This is a family guild. Our membership is aimed at the mature, casual gamers that plan to work together with other members of the guild. The goal of the guild is to have fun and to remain a casual raiding guild. All members at the higher levels will be encouraged to contribute by attending occasional raids. Sacred Haven may not always be the first to accomplish something, but we'll succeed nonetheless. Membership is best for those in the Eastern and Central time zones but others will not be turned away. Whether you can only play 4 hours or 40 hours a week, you are welcomed to help make Sacred Haven one of the best online guilds.

Elitist gamers, immature or inappropriate personalities, people who attract drama or negativity, and players with a hardcore mentality are not suited for Sacred Haven; it would be best for you to look elsewhere. Sacred Haven's leadership will not tolerate any of these dispositions in the guild. All members are expected to spend time with other guild members and to occasionally give some of their time to help others. All members are required to be polite to members and non-members alike.

Thank you,
Sacred Haven Leadership